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Hey y’all! It’s Brittany here, the Vicksburg MS wedding photographer behind Always More Photography! I am a wife (actually a newly wed as of July 2019), an obsessed dog-mom and a coffee addict! I’m so excited you’ve stopped by the blog! This is where you can find inspiration and advice for your wedding or any other session you do with me. You’ll also find examples of my work so you can get a glimpse into what an #AMPexperience is like!

A Natural Calling

I started this business because I’ve always had the heart of an entrepreneur. I was that girl in high school who was the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) President. I won state titles and competed in national competitions. So, my heart has always been for business. After I graduated high school and was able to escape an abusive household and relationship to Vicksburg MS, I decided to take a year off before going to college. I was going to pursue a degree in business to be a high school business teacher and FBLA adviser. And then I’d figure it out from there.

Small Beginnings…

Fast forward and I realized that I really, really, really didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on college, only to teach all day everyday in a public school. So, I decided to pick my camera from high school back up and see what I could do. Even while I was working my very demanding full-time job! At this time I swore that I would never do weddings because it would be too stressful. I didn’t understand them and I didn’t want to learn. The only thing that I had seen of wedding photographers were mean and bossy people who made you feel small and uncomfortable. So, I did NOT want to do that. Eventually, I got roped into a wedding styled shoot to help someone out. Needless to say, I accidentally fell IN LOVE!!


I started toying around with the idea of shooting weddings when my life turned upside down. I was promoted to manager at my day job, which resulted in 40+ hour work weeks! And I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I can’t say that I was blind sided because I had my suspicions for a while. However, it definitely changed my outlook. I realized just how much I took for granted and I hated that feeling more than anything else. I wanted to be different. Not to be stuck to my disease or held back because of it. I wanted to inspire others. When the world tells them “you can’t”, I wanted to be one of the few people telling them they could!


I realized that maybe I could be different? Maybe instead of making people feel small and uncomfortable, I could make it my business to make every person I work with feel beautiful and confident and like we’re best friends! I wanted to empower others to embrace their struggles and help people see that nobody’s perfect and that’s okay! I wanted to inspire people to chase after their dreams no matter what obstacles stood in their way. Ultimately, I wanted to show people that through God anything is possible.

That’s how Always More Photography came about. Not because I always loved photos, but because I love forming deep, meaningful connections with my clients that start long before I ever meet you in person and last beyond when your gallery is delivered. I’m a friend who’s going to help you marry your best friend. And who’s going to support you while you move on to chase after your own dreams. I’m here for you through it all. I’m Brittany Meyers and I’m a Vicksburg MS Wedding Photographer and I LOVE doing this!!

I’d love to connect with you! Drop a comment below or reach out to me over email and tell me what your dreams are! And don’t forget to follow along for #reallife on Instagram @always_more_photography Thank you so much for stopping by and I can’t wait to get to know you!

December 30, 2019

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