3 Reasons You Need Engagement Photos with Your Wedding Photographer

I can’t tell you how many times photographers hear “we don’t really need engagement photos . . .” “do we have to do engagement photographs?” “we already have the photos from the save-the-dates.”, “we’ll just have a friend take them.”

Short answer – you NEED engagement photos, specifically with your wedding photographer! Long answer – look below:

Get to know your photographer

I LOVE making personal connections with clients. 1) because it’s fun, and 2) because it makes taking photos easier because you trust me! I’m not just some weird person invading one of the most intimate parts of your life – I get to be a friend you like hanging out with who’s helping you capture the best moment of your life! Your photographer is basically like your third wheel on the wedding day so it’s super important that we are comfortable with each other and get all the “newness” out BEFORE the wedding day to ensure a flawless flow on the big day!

Practice being in front of a professional camera

Sure, you’ve taken selfies together and your friends snapped pictures of you guys on a double date you went on months (or years!) ago. But you’ve more than likely never had professional photos of the both of you together! Within the first 30 minutes of the engagement session, we’re in “warm-up time.” We’re learning what makes you comfortable and your personalities begin to show. By the end of the session, you know exactly what do with just a little bit of instruction from me! Every couple is different – heights, bodies, personalities, etc – and each couple has “their pose” – the pose they look and feel the best in! I can use this time to find your best sides. Why is all this important for the wedding day? Because, take it from me, timelines are short 90% of the time – meaning we usually only have 20-30 minutes (if even that) for portraits. By having an engagement session with your wedding photographer, you already know exactly what to do and can get a ton of photos (with a lot of variety) super fast!

Helps build trust between us

If you’ve hired me to be your wedding photographer, you’ve seen me on social media and our personalities mesh and you love my photography style. BUT working together is a completely different thing! I’ve worked for a long time to perfect my skills and I’m constantly investing in myself and in my business to better serve you. I know what’s going to look best on camera and how to flatter every body type and to help you loosen up so you have those fun, relaxed candid photos. But sometimes, in order to do this, I might ask you to do some weird things. I might ask you to do things that you would have never thought of by yourself but I PROMISE I only ask you to do it if I know it’s going to make for a great photo. By having your engagement photos with your wedding photographer, when I ask you to do weird things on your wedding day – you trust me and you do it. Because you KNOW that it’s going to turn out amazing just like your engagement photos did!

What’s next?

Want to experience an engagement session with AMP? I include an engagement session in all of my wedding collections because I believe they’re a VITAL part of the wedding photography experience. So CLICK HERE to learn more about the wedding experience and INQUIRE by clicking the link. Can’t wait to chat more!

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January 13, 2020

  1. Sandy says:

    This is a GREAT advice! It’s so true! It’s worth it 🙂

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