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Man in Blue Suit and Girl in Red Dress Posing

Meeting Brittany and Will

When we connected with Brittany and Will, Darrin and I both knew it was going to be an awesome experience taking engagement photos of them! We could tell that they were going to be super fun to work with as soon as we arrived at the Museum. The day started with us winding up on opposite ends of the block. So we had to search for each other. But that’s okay because I get lost going to my bathroom at the house! LOL.

By the time we found each other we laughed and joked for awhile about our search-fest. But once the introductions had been made, we had to get to work fast!

Why? You might ask. Well, the clouds were looming down on us and we didn’t want to have to have rain stop the shoot! We didn’t want to lose any photos! They were ready to get started as well, so we did!

The Engagement Shoot

And once we did, WOW! You could truly tell this couple loved each other by how much they talked and joked with each other – and with us! The rain clouds looming overhead couldn’t put a damper on the time we were having!

I love shooting at locations that provide a lot of variety in the final gallery. Especially when I don’t have to take the time to travel to a new location. One of my favorite things about shooting at the Mississippi Museum of Art is the vast variety of scenes that we are able to capture around the grounds. They have an amazing garden filled with greenery and flowers and it makes for the perfect framing for engagement photos!

Rain can’t keep us down!

When it started raining, we thought that the session had ended. We were going to have to go home with only half the photos taken!! But instead, they told us to keep taking the pictures! Now we were really excited! Not only were they awesome enough to let us get some really creative photos of them, but they also were going to be able to have more variety in their photos! (In addition to more photos in general!) Even though it was raining at that point, we couldn’t even tell because we were having so much fun!

We finished the shoot by helping them walk to the car – supplying them with an umbrella for the last little bit of drizzling. By far, this was one of the coolest sessions and some of the most awesome people we’ve ever had the chance to photograph! Don’t forget to check out the Behind the Scenes video at the end of this post to have an inside look to this amazing experience!

Behind the Scenes:

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January 3, 2020

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