January Formal Shoot with Lauren B Designs | Photographer in Mississippi

Wednesday means another blog post is up for y’all!! As I’ve mentioned before, every month, Lauren B. Designs and I, a photographer in Mississippi, partner for a semi-styled photo shoot where models get to try on and model in any dress from her shop! It’s basically an evening filled of extreme dress up! Not only do you get all the photos from the shoot, but it’s a fun experience that everyone enjoys!! And did I mention it’s FREE??

Models From All Over

In Our first shoot of 2020, we had about 12 girls ranging from 8th grade to seniors in high school! It was a complete blast! And I swear each shoot gets better and better!!

This shoot was really fun because we had SO many new faces from all over!! We had girls from our Vicksburg Schools – Warren Central, St. Al, and Porter’s Chapel. We even had girls from Louisiana come out and represent Delhi Charter School and Tallulah Academy!! We had a couple girls who had been with us before, like Cheyenne and Caroline, but for the most part, we had all new models and it added such a cool dynamic!! This month we did an afternoon and an evening shoot, so that means double the models and double the dresses!!

So Many Dresses

Lauren had done an AMAZING job putting together dresses from her shop so that we could do group shots that coordinated easily together. The girls even got to try on some high dollar (I’m talking $3,000 dresses!!) and model like they were walking the Red Carpet!! Each dress was beautiful on its own and each girl modeling the dress got to try it on and get some amazing shots, but we after each round of dresses they would all come together for giant group photos! And Lauren’s coordination of color and styles totally ROCKED! These dresses are on consignment and you can rent or buy all of these dresses by making an appointment with her and get a KILLER deal!

The In Between Moments

Even though we were all having fun and Brittany, our favorite photographer in Mississippi, was taking professional pictures, while our girls were waiting for each round of photos, they were all hanging out, laughing, taking pictures themselves and just LOVING the dresses they were in. 

Once each girl had tried on several dresses we ended for the night, digging into homemade nachos and chocolate chip cookies! The Dr. Pepper was flowing like water and I was able to get a big group shot of all of us to remember the occasion! 

Behind the Scenes Fun

Be sure to scroll through all the fun photos from our shoot below! But to get an inside look to what it’s actually like to participate, check out our Behind the Scenes video from this shoot!

What’s Next?

Every time we shoot, it’s a different experience, and each shoot gets better than the one before!! We never imagined that these nights would become so popular and in demand but we are SO up for the challenge!! Because we have so many girls interested, we had to start an application process and can only select 9-20 girls each shoot. And often times, the next formal shoot is filled up before we can even release the date to the public. So if you want in on this amazing experience and some great photos from a photographer in Mississippi, be sure to sign up for the email list by clicking here so that you can get notified of the next date! We can’t wait to work with you very soon!!

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January 22, 2020

  1. Kristian Jones says:

    I love this, This is such a great way to showcase your dresses! I’ve really enjoyed looking at the formals and it’s perfect to be able to see them online for the next time my daughter needs a dress. Such a great idea!

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