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When we do our formal shoots with Lauren B Designs, we open the applications to anyone 13-23. And let me just say that Maggie is just AWESOME! She’s one of our girls from WCHS and has made it to several of our formal shoots and she just loves it! So when we opened up a photo shoot to test a new service at Anchuca and the Firehouse Art Gallery, Maggie was excited to jump on. As always, don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to see the Behind the Scenes VIDEO (hint!) from this session!!

Anchuca Historic Inn & Restaurant

We started with Anchuca. We’ve been shooting there quite a few times, and the management knows us by our names now! (Check out more pictures from Anchuca by clicking here!) When Maggie showed up, she was just as excited as when she signed up, so we got started right away.

As usual, we love the brick and columns of Anchuca, and not only did Maggie look gorgeous in a corduroy dress, but she was a downright natural at posing! We laughed and joked about how strange the posing feels, and how amazing the pictures look when we’re done taking them. One of those odd things about photography. The weirder the pose, the better the photo can look with the right shot!

So Much Variety

Right down the street from Anchuca were some brick sidewalks and old homes which made for the perfect setting for our next set of photos and Maggie’s next outfit! I have to say that the fur vest was my favorite from the entire shoot! These seriously turned out to be some of my favorite photos from the entire shoot because we were able to show off Maggie’s sass perfectly!!

Firehouse Art Gallery

Next up was outside the Firehouse Art Gallery, where we were able to utilize the green walls and rusty colored bricks. Maggie was amazing, and kept giving us awesome material. Of course, when I started giving Maggie joke-directions, she didn’t fall for it! She knew what she was doing, and knew when I was getting a laugh.

As the day went on and the sun started sinking, we went around behind the back of the Firehouse Art Gallery to another favorite place of ours – the Garden. We finished out the shoot with Maggie and her friend – Olivia – who joined her on the shoot. (She was our expert hair-fluffer throughout!!) we got some pictures of the two of them laughing at each other and laughing at us as we brought this awesome day to an end.

Maggie, keep on rocking, girl!! And thank you so much for being willing to test out one of our new services!! I can’t wait to finish up this project and release this new service to the public, but for now, stay tuned because there’s many more sneak peeks to come!!

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January 31, 2020

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