Senior Session at Mississippi College with Kimmy | Mississippi Senior Photos

Kimmy came to us from Mississippi College and signed up to get some of our fun Mississippi senior photos! I hope you enjoy scrolling through these pics but don’t forget to check out the behind the scenes video to get an inside look at what the Senior Experience is like!

Old Locations, New Fun!

We were so excited to get to go back to Mississippi College to shoot there again because from the first time we were here we fell in LOVE with the campus. It’s full of beautiful building and old oak trees that really set it apart and give the entire area a traditional and regal vibe that’s just sings!

Meet Kimmy, a soon to be nursing grad.

But then, we got the chance to meet Kimmy! She was SO much fun to work with! As a soon to be a graduate in nursing, she was ready to get out there and start her career. She chose us to share that moment with and we were so blessed to take her Mississippi senior photos!

Of course, she was energetic and excited and and we instantly clicked! And let me just say that she ROCKED the shoot with all the props she was going to use! More on those in a minute!

Grove shots!

First we got some amazing shots of her in the grove. We walked through basic posing and she TOTALLY got it! So we were able to move onto advanced stuff pretty quickly. We used her graduation cap and tassel as well as her diploma to accent her amazing achievements at this awesome location.


Then, she switched her outfit to her nursing scrubs! This is the part that blew us away. Y’all, she had SO many nursing books with her and wanted to pose with them. Let me just say that we were up to the challenge! This was the part where we were able to get the most creative with everything and Kimmy was just amazing! She let us try all kinds of posing and creative-book-stacking and unstacking and it was just a BLAST!


I thought, how could you get better than that, but Kimmy showed us how! One word. GLITTER! Y’all, we were able to get some awesome glitter-tossing-pics that I think will remain an all time favorite for years to come!

A great time taking her Mississippi Senior Photos!

Kimmy, you were fun and amazing to work with and Darrin and I wish you all the best and success in your new path in life!  God bless!

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January 15, 2020

  1. Sandy says:

    Beautiful! I love the floral romper! those are my favorite!

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