Senior Session at Grey Oaks Plantation | Michell – WCHS

Oh my gosh, y’all!! Michell is one of our senior reps, and we absolutely love her! Speaking of senior reps!! The 2021 Senior Spokesmodel Applications are launching soon! CLICK HERE to learn more!! But back to Michell!

She’s worked with us as a model for our formal shoots with Lauren B. Designs, and has rocked out with us on some previous senior shoots, but this one was her full Senior Experience Session. (One of the many perks of being on our senior rep team!) She totally nailed this session at Grey Oaks Plantation and the Southern Cultural Heritage Center!

Michell is an absolute blast to be around. She’s super active in her school and was even homecoming queen for her senior year at Warren Central! So, this shoot was super special for us. And we loved being able to capture this amazing moment for her.

First up was Grey Oaks Plantation. It’s an old plantation style home with gorgeous scenery and it’s even a wedding venue! (Check out more about Grey Oaks by clicking here!) Michell knows us pretty well at this point, and we were able to get right into shooting!

We were able to walk the Grey Oaks Plantation and get some amazing shots on the bridge and their grounds. When she changed into her second outfit, a black cat started following us! Now, just a tidbit about Michell, she’s the type of person who carries a bag of dog food and cat food in the back of her car in case she sees an animal she can take care of. She had mentioned that she wished she could have brought her kitty on the shoot, and we wished she would have too, because we LOVE animals!

But, we were lucky enough to be graced by this super cute cat who walked into our shots. Michell wanted the cat IN her photos, so we obliged! And then, he came up to us and we were able to get some really awesome shots of her with the cat! It was just an awesome moment and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to make this session unique to Michell!

After that, we left Grey Oaks Plantation for the Southern Cultural Heritage Center (where we go to church!). Here the sun was perfect and as it was going down, we caught some amazing street shots! Downtown was quiet enough for us to occupy the roads for quite a while without many cars interrupting us!

Michell, you’re so much fun to work with! We are praying that your college adventures will be blessed. And we wish you success in everything you do! If y’all want to learn more about being a Senior Rep for next year, just like Michell – sign up for our email list to get more application details! And don’t forget to check out the Behind the Scenes video at the bottom of this blog post!

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March 4, 2020

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