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I absolutely LOVE being able to work with so many amazing vendors in the wedding industry like Andrea Hopkins over at Perfection Wedding Coordination in Pearl MS! She is the owner and lead of a 19 member wedding & event planning and coordination team! Be sure to check out the Vendor Feature Video on IGTV but you can also read about Andrea and the PWC team below!

Meet Andrea 

Andrea has been married for 15 (almost 16!) years and has two amazing daughters. And like many wedding vendors it seems the wedding industry chose her, rather than the other way around! 

A leap of faith 

In college, one of her classmates got engaged and remembered how Andrea had mentioned before how she’d love to be a wedding planner. Having never planned a wedding before, Andrea took a leap of faith to plan her friend’s wedding in 2008 and has been loving it ever since! “It just fell in my lap and I rolled with it!” 

It’s truly about the clients

Of course, one of her favorite parts about being a wedding planner is her clients. She loves the end result and seeing their face when it all comes together! For her, it’s TRULY all about the clients, and that makes one of the most difficult parts of her job is the wedding guests. Oftentimes they don’t realize that her and her team are just making the BRIDE’S wedding dreams come true, and sometimes that means doing something that the guests wouldn’t have selected for themselves. But she just focuses on the fact that it’s the bride’s wedding day, and she’s there for the bride and anything she needs, not the guests. 

Easing all their worries 

While I was chatting with her, she remarked how she loved that her brides were so kind and that most brides worry about their guests or bridal party more than themselves. Andrea and her team are always there to be an advocate for the bride and solve any problems that arise so the bride can fully enjoy her day! The PWC team helps remind each bride they work with that it’s HER wedding day and they’re going to make sure they do everything they can to serve her well! “You only get a wedding day one time, so you want to make sure that you enjoy that day!”

Lots of fun 

If you follow PWC on social media, you KNOW they have a blast at all of their weddings! Wedding planning can be stressful so Andrea and the PWC team do everything they can to take the stress away and make the day fun! But, they never forget that pulling of a wedding of each bride’s dreams is a lot of work, and they are always extremely professional so that they can serve their clients well. “You can anticipate to have a good time and to get what you expected from us!” 

The PWC difference

Most brides don’t realize that you see your planner and photographer more than you even see your spouse on the wedding day! With that being said, it’s important that you click with your vendors who you’re going to be spending the most time with!

With a team of 19, Andrea is able to serve SO many brides! But that doesn’t mean you’re just going to get paired with a random planner from PWC. Andrea pays special attention to what staff members and planners she pairs with each bride so that the chemistry is there and the bride can feel comfortable and trust who she’s working with! “Every bride is different – some are very independent, some are shy, some are outgoing. On wedding days I want to make sure that the right staff and their personality is paired with the right bride! I think it’s important for every client to have the right person paired with them.”

Work with Andrea and Perfection Wedding Coordination

To learn more about working with Andrea and her team, you can check out the social media and website links listed below! 

PWC Instagram
PWC Rentals Instagram
Castle Hill Pavilion Venue (managed by PWC)
Office: 147 Fairmont Plaza Pearl, MS 39208

June 30, 2020

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