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Red headed bride getting her hair and makeup done by professional hair and makeup artists at The Castle Hill of Oxford (an Oxford Mississippi Wedding Venue)

Follow these 6 ways to avoid wedding day stress to help you build a Wedding Photography timeline that will ensure everything runs smoothly and you don’t have to stress! Planning and wedding prepping the day of can be stressful on even the most laid-back bride.

Allow more time for hair and makeup

Ladies, we know all hair and skin can act differently every day. So, be sure to add in at least 30 extra minutes in case things don’t go as planned. That way you (and by you, I mean your professional Hair & Makeup artist!) have time to fix things without rushing and still look your best!

Basically, make SURE that you plan for the worst hair and makeup day of your life – and in doing so, you’ll give everyone enough time, whether or not things actually go wrong! This will make both your wedding and the wedding photography go well!

Fully dressed bridesmaids & family

When we’re taking pictures of the bride getting into her dress, the bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses and makeup don’t need to be perfect. They  will have more time to finish prepping the little details of their makeup, hair and dresses as the day goes forward.

But it’s important that everyone be at LEAST in their attire when your dress is being put on. It will throw the photos off if you are getting into a beautiful gown, but all the bridesmaids aren’t in their matching attire and the mother is still in jeans from helping set up the venue!

Let me show you where to stand

Not every single person helping you get ready can ACTUALLY button up your dress. BUT, I promise that everyone will be in the pictures and be an important part of the morning!!

Bridesmaids can help, however, by letting me position them in the picture so I can have them block a couch or houseplant that doesn’t need to be in frame. This is just as important as actually getting to help you dress because this will make for gorgeous Wedding Photography photo just like you’re dreaming of!

This also means that Mom or your most important person is the one doing the buttoning. After everything is fastened, we can have others get personal shots of the two of you by them helping you fix your veil or fluffing your dress!

Wedding Detail Photo of Wedding Invitation and Save the Date Card by

Add lots of travel time

Your timeline could be prefect, but if you don’t account for travel between venues then all the morning’s hard work will be a waste!

If there’s a 10-minute drive from one place to another, account for traffic and the unexpected by adding a few extra minutes. Even plan time for the impossible – like the bride forgetting the veil back at home. (Because sometimes the impossible really happens!) Make sure to give yourself PLENTY of time.

Even if you’re getting ready and married at the same property, don’t forget that walking takes up time too! So if there’s any amount of walking or short traveling between each location at the venue, make sure to add it into your timeline!

Make a checklist 

Details are the FIRST thing photographed so, have them ready for me and it will save SO much time! If I have to hunt the details down or find them it will take up precious time I need to get those pictures perfect! Besides, I can use any extra time to get more candid pictures of you getting ready!

To make sure that you have all the details ready, make a checklist of things that you need to bring at least a few days before the wedding and then follow it while you’re packing, that way you KNOW that you won’t forget anything.

Add lots of buffer time

I say this last, but it is the MOST important! Having buffer time will literally SAVE the day when the unexpected happens. Because on a wedding day, the unexpected ALWAYS happens! You will never regret adding extra time to your timeline because if we run behind schedule, you won’t stress because you know you’ve already planned for it to happen. And if we run ahead of schedule, it gives me lots of time to get more pictures for you! It’s a win-win!

By a rule of thumb, you should always add an extra 5-15 minutes between each “part” of the day. That way you can account for any bad traffic, forgetful moments, emergencies – literally anything! When you have the extra time built in, there’s no reason to stress when we get a few minutes behind because you know you won’t actually be late for anything!

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September 22, 2020

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