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I am so excited to be offering luxury Boudoir Photography in the Jackson Mississippi area for brides, wives and women! Always More Photography now has an in-home Boudoir Studio where you can book your session with me and be pampered every step of the way! Here’s more information about Boudoir by Always More Photography.

The AMP Experience

When you book with Boudoir by Always More Photography, you’ll receive complimentary planning guides to help you style your session. I know that this isn’t something that people just “do” and you probably have no idea what goes into it. And that’s okay! It’s my job to literally walk you through everything. I’ll teach you the different types of lingerie and what will look best with your body type. I’ll give you the best tips and tricks so that you can style your session and make it unique to you. And I even answer the questions that you think are awkward, but I find totally normal in my line of work. Questions like: What about hair? Should I tan? What about my stretch marks? Do I have to be naked (NO! It’s totally up to you!) and so many more questions that almost every woman has as they consider a boudoir session.

Hair, Makeup & Relaxation

It’s important that you feel your best and feel confident for your shoot. And an easy way that I help make sure of this, is providing you with professional hair and makeup before your shoot! During this time, you’ll have refreshments, be pampered and we just hang out and get to know each other! You have complete control over what your hair and makeup looks like and myself and the hair/makeup artist want to make sure you have EXACTLY what you want!

After hair and makeup is finished, it’s time for wardrobe! You’re welcome to bring any outfit choices you want to your session. Before we start shooing, I’ll help you pick what’s going to look best on camera. But, I know not many women have lingerie just lying around in their closet. And sometimes the thought of going shopping for something you’re never going to wear again can be daunting.

That’s why I offer a Client Lingerie closet! During your session you can borrow anything from the lingerie closet. Before your session, I’ll send you a questionnaire to get your size and style preferences and then I take care of the shopping! So, you can be confident that there’s going to be lots of options to choose from in your size and styles that will make you feel confident and sexy!

Is it Clean?

YES! I only take one client per day. And a limited amount of clients per week so that I ALWAYS have time to deep sanitize everything. All the lingerie that you borrow (or even just try on) is washed in sanitation detergent that medical professionals have approved. In addition to sanitizing it when I wash it, I put protective stickers in them (like when you’re trying on a bathing suit!) and you can wear nude or black thongs/panties underneath as well for an extra layer of protection. So, YES it’s VERY clean!

I wash the bedding in the same sanitation detergent after every single shoot. And I don’t take back-to-back clients. This allows me time to deep clean everything afterward each session and before the next client is in the studio. For an extra level of clean, right before you arrive to the studio, I spray another round of Lysol on all surfaces. And there is hand sanitizer for you to use if you wish as well.

What About Privacy?

I’ve got your back! Since Boudoir by AMP is offered at an in-home, private studio, you’re the only that will be there during your session (other than the hair and makeup artist). I only take one client per day, so there’s no chance of you running into someone. And, you will always have 100% control of your photos. I never post any of your photos anywhere unless I get written permission from you AFTER your shoot and after you’ve seen your photos. You can choose to remain completely private, only share select images that you approve of, or you can agree to let me share them all. But, it’s 100% your decision and there’s absolutely no pressure to make any specific decision.

What’s Next?

If you’re a woman, and you’re over 18 years old, you should join our private facebook group!! It’s a place for women of all backgrounds to be loved and accepted. We play fun games, encourage each other and just brighten each other’s days. You don’t have to be a client (or even interested in boudoir) to join the group! And right now there’s a $50 Ulta gift card giveaway going on right now! CLICK HERE to join.

When you join the group, you get early access to my calendar before services officially launch to the public on November 20th! If you want to learn more about my services, click HERE.

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October 30, 2020

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