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I have been waiting to write this blog post FOREVER!!! It’s official – Always More Photography is launching luxury Boudoir services on November 20th! I couldn’t be more excited to start offering this for women!

Why Boudoir Photography?

As women, we are usually pretty harsh on ourselves – the things we do, the way we look. But I want to help women see their God-given beauty and to celebrate themselves in the body they’re currently in. Whether you’re an athlete, size 0, size 100 or somewhere between on a weight loss/health journey. Or whether you’re a new mom, an expecting mom or a mom of adults. Whether you’re a wife, a fiance or single. Whether you’re a hard worker, battling addiction or suffering from chronic illness. Or whether you’re an abuse or cancer survivor or fighter. . .The point is, EVERYONE has a story, and if you’ve made it this far, your story deserves to be told and you deserve to celebrate. So yes, you can book a boudoir session to gift to your future spouse/husband and that’s amazing – but you can also do it for YOU! To remind yourself that when you look in the mirror, you’re GORGEOUS just the way you are. 

Boudoir by AMP

Boudoir by AMP is a luxury boudoir experience for women. It’s more than just photos. From beginning to end, you’ll be pampered and shown just how gorgeous you are! When you book your boudoir session with AMP, you’ll receive complimentary planning and consultation because I know that this isn’t something that people “know” how to do. And that’s okay!

Don’t worry about what to wear or how to prepare – I’ve got your back! All of my clients will receive a style guide to help you plan and style your session so it’s unique to you. Upon arrival to your session, there will be refreshments you can enjoy while you receive professional hair and makeup. After that, you can borrow anything from my client closet to wear for your session.

What is a Client Closet?

The client closet is a wide variety of lingerie and other clothes that you can borrow to wear for your session. And don’t worry, I sanitize everything and have protective slips in all of the items (just like when trying on swimsuits) so it’s super clean!

I add to the Client Closet every time I book a client (or whenever I get into a shopping mood!) so there’s always something for you to wear. For most women, lingerie isn’t something you typically have lying around the house. So, I provide it for you! I have tons of styles and sizes so you’re sure to find something you love for your session! Got any requests before your session? Let me know and I’ll order it for you!

The Next Step

Whether you’re interested in a boudoir session or not, you should join our private, ladies only Facebook group! You don’t have to be a client to join (just ladies only, 18+) and there won’t be pressure to book inside the group. Together we create a group of women from all over the country to encourage, love and support one another! We play fun games, brighten each others games – there’s even giveaways like a $50 Ulta Giftcard going on now!! To join the group, CLICK HERE

If you want to learn more about booking a boudoir session (and get early access to my booking calendar which is filling up FAST) then CLICK HERE to view more information!

October 23, 2020

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