Wedding Timeline-Part 3: Mississippi Wedding Photographer

Bride laughing over her shoulder, holding a pink, yellow and white bouquet while wearing a nude high fashion bridal gown posing outside of Castle Hill of Oxford in Oxford Mississippi for her bridal portraits taken by Always More Photography (a Mississippi Wedding Photographer)

Today it’s Part 3 of this Wedding Day Timeline example blog! If you need to catch up, read Part one here and part two here.

Creating a timeline for wedding day can be a little overwhelming, especially since the timeline can truly make or break your photos and the experience. The good news is it’s a lot easier than you think! The key us to give extra time and communicate! BUT, for brides who book with me – a MS wedding photographer – you’ll receive a customized timeline for your wedding coverage!

Reception Details (Bride in Hiding)

This is ideal for when the reception is in the same place as the ceremony. By doing this before the ceremony I can capture all of your reception photo details before people arrive and start setting down personal items and your set decorations start to change. If your reception is in a separate location, I suggest cocktail hour, so I can get some reception details untouched by guests. If the reception is in the same place, this only takes about 15-20 minutes.


You’re getting married! Most ceremonies last about 30 minutes but we can adjust accordingly! If you’re having an outside wedding – try to schedule the ceremony to happen about two hours before sunset for the best lighting and to have time for family photos afterwards. I promise the light will be GORGEOUS!

Family Formals

Family formals usually take about 30 minutes depending on how many sets you want/how many people are involved. These usually take place directly following the ceremony. Its best to save these for the end so we know ALL the family will be present. I know you want to get to the reception, but its vital we get these photos ASAP because some family members leave shortly after the ceremony. Plus, to make it go faster we will plan all the shots ahead of time so that we can make things go as fast as possible!

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October 9, 2020

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