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pink, yellow and green themed wedding Reception table for wedding guests at Castle Hill of Oxford in Oxford Mississippi taken by Always More Photography (a wedding photographer in Mississippi)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been walking all you brides through a Wedding Day Timeline for a Wedding Photographer in MS (and beyond!). And today we have the last blog post in the series! If you need to catch up, click the links below before you read on:
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Creating a timeline for wedding day can be a little overwhelming, especially since the timeline can truly make or break your photos and the experience. The good news is it’s a lot easier than you think! The key us to give extra time and communicate! BUT, for brides who book with me – a Wedding Photographer in MS – you’ll receive a customized timeline for your wedding coverage!

Remember every wedding is different and we will customize everything to your day, so this is just an example!

Romantic Portraits

Let’s give you some more alone time! These photos are the ones hanging on your mantle! Again, very little time for just the two of you – it gives you time to soak everything in. These can be done in a quick 20 – 30 minutes. BUT, if you don’t do a first look, I suggest 45 minutes – to 1 hour instead of just 30 minutes. And you can have a cocktail hour during this time to allow guests something to do!

Bridal Party Entrance

This won’t take long but it will be so much fun! Let the fun begin! This is when the bridal party lines up to enter the reception and typically only takes 15-20 minutes from planning to lining up to finally entering to be with the other guests.


During this time, you’ll be having your cake cutting, first dance, speeches and any other memorable reception events. It’s important to schedule these events at the beginning of the reception with specific times so that guests who want to see certain parts will be able to stay. Remember, people with kids or elderly guests often don’t stay the whole night. Also, planning a specific time for these fun events is vital for photography coverage so I know where to be in order to capture all these moments!


A good exit is a great way to end the night! If your coverage doesn’t extend to the exit, then consider a faux-exit. I’ll still be able to capture the excitement without you having to pay extra and you’ll likely even have more people available for the photos!

Important Tip

You’ll notice in your timeline that I put a fifteen-minute buffer between several events on the timeline – especially the beginning of the day. Wedding days almost ALWAYS run behind and that’s okay – if you have a buffer built in. By allowing extra time, it ensures we make it to the ceremony in time and allows for relaxed portraits of the bride and groom along with the bridal party and family!

Worst case scenario, adding buffer time will give you more candid opportunities with friends and/or more alone time together (Not to mention more photos of you in your amazing dress!) and who wouldn’t want that!

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October 16, 2020

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