2022 AMP Spokesmodel Team Applications Are Live! | Vicksburg, MS

It’s that time of year again! We’re Launching our Spokesmodel Team Applications to the public. Normally, we give seniors in the Vicksburg MS area and beyond a chance to join a community of likeminded students to represent the brand of Always More Photography. And this year is just a little bit different!

This year, we’re opening up the team to Freshmen through Seniors! We loved working with the different age groups when we were doing the Formal Shoots with Lauren B Designs, but then Covid happened. Being unable to have the fun photoshoots that we used to really made us try and find a way to continue working with everyone. And THIS IS IT! By opening up and changing our Senior Spokesmodel Team to our SPOKESMODEL TEAM, we can give the younger classes the same opportunities for fun times and amazing photos!

If you already know that you’re ready to apply CLICK HERE to fill out the application! If you still have questions or need more info – read below!

What is the Spokesmodel Team?

The AMP Spokesmodel Team is a group of girls who represent the brand of Always More Photography throughout the school year! Throughout the year, girls who join will be able to participate in a variety of events to not only get group photos, but also load up on additional pictures, gain new friends, get bonuses for referring your friends, LIFELONG discounts, be invited to parties, and create a ton of fun memories that they will be able to look back on for years to come!

So let’s dive right in! When you join the AMP SPOKESMODEL TEAM, you gain access to quite A LOT of perks.┬áReady to apply? View the application here!


First of all, there are the parties. Every spokesmodel team member gains an invite to the Welcome Party and the End of the Year Close Out Party, and Covid allowing, other parties and group gatherings! And at every party we have lots of photos!! *If you’re worried about COVID, there’s a section addressing concerns/plans regarding restrictions toward the end of the blog. We promise to keep everyone as safe as possible!*

New Best Friends

You’ll get to know girls from all over the state (and even into Louisiana!) We have girls from Vicksburg, Jackson, Clinton, Tallulah, Monroe – the list goes on! So you get to expand your circle of friends beyond just your school! You’ll have a group of girls who are interested in the same things as you and who love and support each other throughout the entire year!

Spokesmodel Team Member Lifelong Discounts

We really are like a big family, and we never forget a face! Once a member of the senior spokesmodel team, you get lifelong discounts on any product or services that we provide! This applies to you and your family! So, if Mom wants family photos – there’s a discount! If you get engaged (I know, crazy to think about!) years down the road – there’s a discount! Are you sold yet? Click this link to fill out the application!

Cash Back Deals

Spokesmodels earn $20 cash back for each new client who mentions their name when booking! When this covers the entirety of your spokesmodel fee, you gain cash in your pockets! So basically, you could end up participating on the team for free or even earning money just by posting your photos online!

Extra Photo opportunities

Throughout the school year, we’ll have at least four opportunities for group photo shoots! These are always themed sessions – like Christmas or Valentines day shoots or Formal/Evening wear. During these shoots, we not only capture groups, but we also do individual photos of everyone as well! These shoots are always a lot of fun!

As a business, we are always growing. So we often find ourselves in need of someone to take photos of while we’re testing new equipment, new locations or new techniques! You can help us with these AND get the photos we take!

Spokesmodel Team Member Special

Freshmen through Seniors this year. But we wanted to do something a little extra for our 2022 Seniors as a gift to y’all! So, if you’re a senior on the team your senior photos are covered by us!! You’ll get an individual 2.5 hour photoshoot, with unlimited outfits and locations! AND you’ll get a senior video too! 

How do you get all these things?

Ready to join the team? Here’s how! It’s so simple!

  • Fill out the application by CLICKING HERE so that I can get to know you better! It’s important that I select girls who will represent the brand of AMP well. This means being involved in school/community, being a friendly person and willing to help others, only posting appropriate social media content (i.e. no cussing/flipping people off/teen drinking/sexual posts) and having the desire to work with AMP! I’m accepting as many girls as possible this year so your chances of being selected for the team are REALLY HIGH. Apply now!
  • Post your photos on Social Media so your friends can learn about Always More Photography. That’s it! It’s super easy to do and doesn’t interfere with a job or schoolwork! If you have time to post on Facebook or Instagram, you might as well do it and get something out of it as well! Besides, this is the best way to get people to sign up and earn your cash back!
  • There’s only one mandatory event – the Meet and Greet event at the beginning of the year. The rest of the events and photoshoots are all optional! So you can easily keep up with school, sports, jobs, family, etc.
  • One time fee of $329 – the cost of a normal portrait session. But instead of just getting ONE session, you literally get photos ALL! YEAR! LONG! How amazing?!

What about COVID?

I know many parents and students are worried about the current situation, but I promise we are taking everyone’s safety very seriously! At this time, we want to plan for as many group activities as possible because that’s part of what makes the team so much fun!

But we will roll with the punches and we will NEVER gather unless the county/state guidelines allow. And we will take extra precautions within those guidelines as well.

Darrin and I always wear our masks in public and limit our exposure to people outside our family as best as possible. We regularly monitor symptoms and temperatures and if we think there’s even a chance that one of us might be sick/have been exposed we reschedule. We ask that our Spokesmodels pay the same respect. If you are feeling sick/tested positive, have been around someone who is sick/tested positive or start running a fever, we ask that you are truthful and let us know ahead of time so we can take the appropriate precautions for the rest of the team.

The majority of group and individual photoshoots will always be outside. However, there might be a few occasions (like with the required meet and greet party at the beginning of the year) that we will have to be inside for portions of the event. We will limit the time indoors to eating and the informational slideshow – everything else will be outside! Students are required to wear masks when inside (and not eating).

If the team is larger than 8 people (as we suspect it will be) then we will divide the group into 2-3 smaller groups so that we can have smaller gatherings/shoots. This way everyone can still gather, but we will never have to worry about large group gatherings or more than 10 people being in one space at a time.

For example, if we end up having 24 girls, then we will have 3 party times and everyone will get assigned a date/time that their party is. That way it’s never more than 10 people indoors (8 spokesmodels, myself (Brittany) and my husband/assistant/videographer (Darrin)).

It is our hope, that we will be able to return to some resemblance of normal soon. But no matter what happens, we are prepared and are ready to give the Spokesmodels an amazing, fun year of making memories and taking great photos all while keeping everyone safe!

Spokesmodel Team Applications have Launched!

Remember, you can join as a 9th through 12th grader for the school year of 2021-22! We’re so excited to see what this year brings us! Can’t wait to see y’alls applications! CLICK HERE to fill out the application!!

February 27, 2021

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