The Best Season For Senior Photos | Clinton, Mississippi

When deciding the best season for senior photos, there’s quite a LOT to consider. Lucky for you, I got you, girl!


Lets start with the basics: Everyone loves a Fall photo session! The temperature is starting to drop and usually (especially in the south) you can pick and choose if you want to wear long or short sleeves on your outfits – or if you want to accent with a jacket! The leaves start turning and it brings out all the beautiful colors, especially if you shoot in an area that has lots of trees lining the sidewalk. Also, don’t forget the fallen leaves! For those of us who like nature-styled photo shoots, we can add falling leaves in action shots or get amazing wind-blown images with leaves swirling around. These are always some AMAZING PHOTOS! Be warned, though! These spots always fill up fast, so if you want to book a fall season for a senior photo session – make sure to jump at the first opportunity!


Ah, It’s Darrin’s favorite time. The trees turn grey and the sky follows, and if you’re looking for a serious – or upscale – senior photo shoot, this is an amazing time to take photos! Heavy coats and thick shoes make for some serious FUN! Dressing up for Winter will always look amazing! What’s also good about Winter sessions is that they can double as Christmas card photos! What to watch out for… the COLD, of course! Make sure to wear some gloves or even just keep them in a pocket and you’ll be just fine. One of the benefits of shooting in Winter is that it’s less crowded so you have more access to public locations! I love shooting at College Campuses in the Winter (Like Mississippi College in Clinton).


Colors, colors, colors everywhere! The temperature is starting to go up after the wintry cold-spell, and the flowers are starting to bloom! If you like florals, this is the season for you to take senior photos in! And I LOVE getting flower shots! When you dress up – pastels and floral patterns are usually the name of the game for Spring. Try a Nature Park for bonus points!!! What are the issues that arise? The temperature and weather is in constant flux. You never know when rain is going to pop up. All photographers keep dates on hand to prepare for rain-outs, and we’re no different. So no matter what the weather may bring, I got you covered!


I absolutely ADORE a good summer shoot! Everything is in full swing, the lighting is bright and during this season we can shoot LOOOOOOONG into the evening which means we usually have more availability and can take on more sessions! As a natural light photographer, we make full use of those long daylight hours! When dressing, bright and bold colors work well! It is obviously hot and often times humid during summer shoots in the south but the colors you get (even out in a random field!) and the amount of time you can shoot makes it SO worth it!!

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February 14, 2021

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