Will I get Digital Photos? | AR Boudoir Photographs

Getting the digital boudoir photographs from a session isn’t exactly a normal part of the boudoir industry, currently. So, while I do things fairly differently than the rest of my friends in the business, the digital photos are probably the thing that makes my services the most unique among the industry standard.

YES! I provide digitals to every client who books a boudoir session with me! Most boudoir photographers do not provide digitals. But, rather focus on in-person sales and separate product purchases that go up and up and up in price. I, however, do not do that. I believe that every photo is special. And, with every session you book, I provide the digital boudoir photographs with EVERY package that you could purchase! The digitals are kept in a secure and private online gallery. And almost every package comes with a beautiful hand-designed wood-carved flash-drive engraved with your name!

My clients absolutely LOVE getting these discrete photos for viewing. And, if they ever decide to order anything else from me, this gallery is a central hub for all your physical purchase needs. Complete from the safety and comfort of your own home.

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February 10, 2021

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