Whether you're an athlete, size 0, size 100 or somewhere between on a weight loss/health journey. Whether you're a new mom, an expecting mom or a mom of adults. Whether you're a wife, a fiance or single. Whether you're a hard worker, battling addiction or suffering from chronic illness. Whether you're an abuse or cancer survivor or fighter. . .

EVERYONE has a story, and if you've made it this far, your story deserves to be told and you deserve to celebrate! 

So yes, you can book a boudoir experience to gift to your future spouse/husband and that's amazing - but you can also do boudoir for YOU! To remind yourself that when you look in the mirror, you're GORGEOUS just the way you are!

Your body tells a story, and it's a story that deserves to be told

The Boudoir

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The Process

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This is where you’re at now! Have a look around (The FAQ section below always helps people make the decision!) and when you’re ready, fill out my Contact form. From there I’ll reach out to you through your preference - text, call or email.  This is where you'll learn about the entire AMP process start to finish, pricing & product offers and I can answer any other questions you might have!
I know it sometimes seems easier just to get a quick pricing guide through email or exchange some numbers over text, but there’s SO much more that goes into booking a boudoir session, most women actually find it easier to hop on a quick phone call. It doesn’t have to take more than 10-15 minutes, but you’ll get ALL your questions answered in a clear way. Sometimes via text/email things can get overwhelming or confusing and that’s not what either of us want for you! 

Step 1: Reach Out to chat

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Now that you KNOW you'll be totally comfortable with me taking your photos & you're familiar with the entire experience, it's time to book your session date! 
There's a $500 retainer fee (that will be applied toward your collection price) in order to lock in and book your date. Once the fee is paid and the photo agreement is signed, it's official!! You just finished the hardest part - reaching out and actually booking! The rest of the boudoir process is a breeze and SO MUCH FUN!!!

Book your Session date

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This is where the fun begins! I want you to feel totally and completely prepared for your session which is why when I started having women ask me the same questions over and over again - I just decided to create a Boudoir Style & Prep Guide that will walk you through absolutely EVERYTHING for your session! From different types of lingerie, where to shop, how to style your session to emphasize your favorite body parts, what to wear all the way to how to prepare, what to bring, what to expect - literally all the things! And of course I’m just a text away too!  

Planning your session

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A HUGE part of how I make sure each of my clients have a personalized experience comes from the client questionnaire. I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out so I can get to know you better, learn more about why you want a boudoir session, get your size/style preferences so that I can order new lingerie just for you and your session! It also helps us address anything you might be worried about in regards to your session so we can fix the problems before they even become an issue. I promise, I’ve got your back!

step 4: creating a unique experience

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Leading up to your session date, I’ll send you important reminders so that you don’t forget anything like what to bring, tips on how to prep, where to park - all the things! When you arrive at the AMP in-home boudoir studio in Vicksburg, MS, you’ll be welcomed by myself and/or my (female) assistant. From there you’ll receive professional hair and makeup while we just chat and get to know each other more before your session! 
From there I’ll help you narrow down your outfits (you can bring your own, choose from the client closet, or mix and match!) to 3-4 favs and we will shoot for about 90 minutes. 

Step 5: on location - in the studio

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 Once your session finishes, you’ll leave the studio for 2 hours to go grab lunch or coffee (I’ve got lots of recommendations for you!), hit the shops, call your people and to just take a moment to realize what an incredibly BRAVE thing you just did!

While you’re out, I’m hard at work editing through your photos so that you can see all your photos the SAME DAY and pick out your favorites to go home with! 

Step 6: Lunch and coffee break

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After the 2-hour break, you’ll come back to the studio the SAME DAY for an in-person reveal & ordering session where you’ll be able to see all your photos fully edited, pick out your favorites and design your products according to the collection you purchased. You’ll walk away with digital images that day, and your album and other products will be sent to production that night! 

Step 7: Reveal and ordering session

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One of the best days ever is product delivery!! Once all your products come in, you can choose to pick them up in the studio (this is what most clients do) or you can opt for me to mail them to you at no additional charge. Products are always put on a rushed order so you can get them ASAP. Most clients receive products within 4-6 weeks, depending on what they ordered. 

Step 8: Product Delivery Day

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From the very beginning Brittany was so professional and sweet, from communicating through emails to finally meeting in person!


She is so so so sweet and the photos came out AMAZING!!!!


She’s amazing and literally the sweetest person ever! I love how she’s easy to work with and makes you feel beautiful in every shot she takes! She’s truly the best!

+Consultation with Brittany
+Pre-session payment plan rewards
+Digital Boudoir Style & Planning Guide
+Professional Hair & Makeup
+90 minute boudoir session
+Access to my client lingerie closet
+Signature editing of your images
+SAME DAY reveal & ordering session
+Digital web-sized images

in every boudoir collection you'll receive:

The Boudoir Experience by AMP

Ready to Start? Inquire here!

All AMP collections come with everything listed above. Yes, that even includes digitals! Collections begin at 1700 but most clients spend a lot more than that, with an average investment being around 2800.

A nonrefundable retainer fee of $500 is required to lock in your session date. The retainer fee goes toward the total amount of your collection cost. Full payment is due the day of your session. 

Pre-Session payment plans are now available! Sign up with a pre-session payment plan through AMP and you get free bonus items! AMP does not offer any post-session payment plans.

The average client invests 2800

I can't wait to chat more!! Typical response time is within 48 business hours

Thank You!

I'm so excited for you to take this first step!! I will respond to emails during my business hours posted below.

Business hours:
Tuesday - Friday 11am to 8:30pm

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