Pre-Payment Plan Guide

All digital images, prints, and products are purchased separately. During your viewing and ordering session, you'll be able to go through your fully edited images and select your favorites, and then choose what you would like to do with them. You can select a collection (money-saving bundles of favorite products) or items off the A La Carte menu.

During your viewing and ordering session you must pay for your products in full. I do not offer post-session payment plans. BUT you can choose to do a PRE-PAYMENT plan through me so you can pay off your products as your session date arrives. 

When you choose to do a pre-payment plan through me, you get more bang for your buck you don't have to worry about paying after your session. PLUS you get free bonuses! Read below to learn more:

+You must fill out a card authorization form consenting to automatic payments

+You must keep two valid forms of payment on file

+Bonuses are ONLY valid for clients who pay in full 30 days before their session or complete their pre-payment plan at least 14 days before their session

+Bonuses are selected at the time of pre-payment agreement

+You will be required to sign a payment contract

+If you would like to upgrade to a larger package at your reveal session, you may do so! However, you only receive the amount of bonuses that you prepaid for. And remember that everything extra you purchase must be paid for the day of your reveal session.

+You cannot downgrade after payments have begun, and no refunds will be issued.

Extra Details:

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They are trained professionals . . .

When you are investing in a professional photographer, you want to make sure that the images look their absolute best. Professional hair + makeup artists are TRAINED to do hair + makeup so that they photograph well. While your makeup may look AMAZING in person, it will look completely different on-camera, and these professionals are trained to know the difference! They will conceal spots you don’t like, contour your face so it looks the best in every light, use colors that compliment your skin to make it look flawless, make your eyes POP with false lashes + shadows, manicure your eyebrows to perfection and more!

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Less Stress for You

Preparing for any portrait session can stressful in and of itself. Trying to do your hair + makeup by yourself can make things even harder. Professional camera equipment is designed to pick up every little detail in an image (even details that the eye can’t see) so hiring a professional makeup artist is the best way to go.

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You get to be pampered

I don’t ever want my clients to feel like their portrait session is just simply “taking pictures”, I want it to be an EXPERIENCE. So, if you arrive after an hour of being pampered + beautified, the entire experience has already started on a good note! If you arrive frustrated or stressed, it can affect the entire experience, including the way you look in photographs!

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At the very least . . .

If this is not in your budget, or you simply don’t have the time to set aside for it, plan to wear slightly heavier make up than normal, including blush and lipstick/gloss that are at least slightly darker than your lip color. I also highly recommend false eyelashes. These can be purchased for very affordable prices at CVS or any pharmacy in the area.